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Above is another hebrew writing

"Tetragrammaton - this is the complete figure of a man. this symbolic writing is the burning bush that never consumes but burns, it defines the complete image of a man. The assembling of a man as a created form and figure from his head to his feet is what it represents. The head and shoulder with the arms, the torso and the feet".



Dear visitors welcome to our online kabbala spiritually prepared items.

  Listed below are some of our finished and ready to be delivered Talismans and items on request, enjoy your visit. 

You can also contact me for free councelling or spiritual help you are all welcome. G-d the most high, blessed be he, knows no statutes of men as all are equal before his eyes


When G-d, Hashem blessed be he, answers to humanity when they call upon Him, its like when the light issued from the window into a room to displace the darkness that once resides there.

There are list of more  finished items that are yet to be displayed here soon. Those that are shown below in the pictures are some of the listed items that are in finished form. All interested customers  in my  finished  products asuch as in kabbalah talismanic, Amulets or other items should please write to me via my E-mail that is listed here in my website.

All items are prepared according to the specifications of the Angels of light and the wishes of  the customers who patronizes my products. I also use this meduim to thank and greet all those that has sofar visited my website and have ordered my finished products. I know that in the holy name of the great and supreme Hashem blessed be he, all of your needs on why these items are odered are already met, may the the white and brilliant ever shinning light radiate on your lives and the lives of all your loved ones (Amen).

Please dear visitor note that it is practically impossible to display all items and products for all human needs here on my website, thats why all are adviced to write and place your specific item of need to met by writing or calling. Your wishes are my command, may his name be exhalted forever halleluyah.





The genie in the lamp

About this Genie of the lamp; it is not just an Arabian story as told in fiery tales the same we had read in our teenage age, it is rather a lamp that actually exist beyond the imagination of the common man; could this be called the kabbalist „Golem“ The Genie of the lamp? This lamp contains a living genie imprisoned inside it through the power and the use of the mighty 72 names of holy HaShem with his Angels of light, blessed be he. It is carefully and spiritually prepared to machinate all feats that are not inimical to its possessor who automatically becomes its master. This is highly achieved by my knowledge and wisdom of the most high G-d blessed be he, its working will defeat the imagination of even the professional spiritualists-highly recommended for armatures spiritualist of the hermetic sciences or Gnostic or the exoteric students even anyone that has doubts and wants to clear them through proofs.

Recommended Features:

  • Visions, Meditations initiated and furthered by this Genie as instructor and teacher, messages of the future even the past lives could be shown to you on demand all acquired through the Genie in the lamp to its conferred master and keeper

  • It generates Successes in all endeavours of life for you, contact with the lives beyond our earthly plane.

  • Messages for 2012 and beyond. Are you in confusion of what would really be come the year? Then ask your Genie of the Lamp to show you, in the like of a vision, what would come to pass.

  • Talismans are alive they are living forms otherwise could be represented by telesmata which are conjured up feats by the theurgist himself, the same as we humans are alive, they pulsate with life force which enables them to achieve the aims of their bearer and obeys the command of same, but not in order to harm anyone or places, but rather to assist in achieving aims and objective of bearer to successful end

  • What to know the future and how to command your destiny, then you should request for one of this powerfully prepared spiritual Lamp .




Continue on Talismans;

There are talismans for revenge and attack on your enemies both the visible and secret ones enemies. When one hurts the other, either by thinking or castigation, it is against the will of the highest one, may he be blessed, so in this cause of action by this enemy, the talismans are to correct that deformity in the head of this enemy that they can never do you such harm any more. And their evil would be exposed therefore they are put to disgrace and they would repent from their evil ways as influence from this talisman. It is not right to take the life or punish anyone, as talismans could also achieve this feat, but one must surely reap the fruit of his labour. When you plant corn you would harvest the same, evil back to evil doers, may Holy Hashem’s name be blessed!

Many people out there are asking the many questions such like what are Talismans and Amulet and what are they and of what are the made?

Talismans are prepared objects that boast the names of G-d blessed be he. They are mostly composed of the 72 Holy names of Hashem, May he blessed. Any such item without the Holy names of the Holy one is a nullified and dead matter that only but occupies space. They are mostly prepared into objects of different kind like; papers, parchment papers (Made out from the skin of virgin animal that has never mated), rings, pendants, seals, and they are well wrapped with threads of their required colours. They could be prepared into stones and other natural objects of convenience, even upon wooden substances, bottles and all the like that could contain the power of this prepared life force.Talismans are mostly prepared to the specifications of the demand of their bearer when they are requested specially. They are prepared to meet several demands, such as much the thinking of man could reach; to this extent could I meet their needs through the long arm of the talismans. I may be right here to say that there are no objects that could not contain the power of a talisman. I must also mention that Talisman functions the like as us human beings because, they pulsates with life force the same as human beings when they are prepared by the one that has the spiritual know how. Talisman and Amulets are equal in number as much as human and their problems could be imagined.

I had prepared talismans that had vanished away from the possession of their bearer as they were used against their reason of being prepared. Talismans has the possibility to think like their bearer, therefore responds to the effect that their possessor requires with instant  speed of light, the same as the speed of the thoughts of their owner and bearer. Therefore when he doubts, they become short of the effect of same (a doubter obtains nothing).There are different methods that talismans and amulets are used and carried on the person. They are either in purses, wallets or in the cone sets of women. There are specific sides that every talisman is to stay on the body of their carriers. This is always stated in my instructions when any talisman is purchased from me by my clients and students. When you place orders, please always state how convenient you would want your talisman to be, this is specifically to my many clients who mostly do not know that it is possible to demand how you would like your object to be made.


You are The Sun

Happiness, Content, Joy.

The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon's Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

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