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What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is the true communication established between HaShem blessed be he and his children, the world at large none is exempted all are called and all are required to return back to the consciousness of the holy of holies, the realization of one’s true self, the fall from glory and the climbing back to grace through the realization of the true king who is neither seen by eyes or comprehensible through the senses of the limited mind of man. Kabbalah is the message from above to below it simply means to receive, how man received the revelation of the Glorious one the holy HaShem blessed be he, how he became known is what kabbalah is all about. The qualities of why he is the true G-d blessed be he are all what kabbalah deals with.

Kabbalah is the awakening of the self from the sleep of death from the forgetfulness of man to truth realization, the use of the holy names of G-d blessed be he, is some of the many qualities we can get through our study of kabbalah as a course. It is not magic as many may think it to be, but it is a wondrous feats that are achieved by keeping to the ways of him and realization that he truly exist the pronunciation of these holy names when in need and the feats that are realized, therefore are called magickal. The praises he deserves to receive from us and the conquering of the Matrix where we live in, are only through the use of the holy names of him that lives forever, the mighty holy 72 names of G-d blessed be he which are but his works and qualities as it is known. These are some of the many parts that kabbalah deals with. It is the takeover of our lives and putting it into proper use, to govern our environment and be a master of the same. These is kabbalah in truth, the return to G-d blessed be he.

No man that exist on earth with the limitation of the ordinary senses can truly know whom G-d blessed be he is, it is never possible, but his works and through the medium he brought this to pass perceptible by man is what we call god today, which is not true but mistake we are lead to by what we are made to believe, may his holiness forgive or failures and inspire us more to see through his true path (Amen). These whole we know for as long as we could know them are just his works not him.

When we claim to know G-d blessed be he, the true holy of holies, the ancient of the ancient, then he seizes to be G-d. In that moment he is our equals, which is scornful to the holy of holies as none that is of his earthly form is possibly can describe him, may he remain blessed, no man in his limitation can achieve this no matter his holiness he claims to have achieved. We can but shower praises on him and his works are some of the ways we pleases him, these are what we could afford into his visible world that is in him, he in it, but he remains aside from it even though it is from him. These are some of the many things the true teachers of kabbalah would teach to the world.

The Matrix has its elongated hands through which he puts man trapped under his rule, by ignorance of many who approaches you and call the study of kabbalah and who G-d blessed be he is as stupid and waste of time, these are some ways the Matrix conquers his victims.

The sum totality of kabbalah magick should be; the unification of man to become like one of the children of G-d, blessed be he, as stated is the Torah in the book of Psalm 82, verse 6; Ye are gods, the sons of the most high but, you shall die like man. This is so because of the nature of the Nefesh (The earthly nature of the soul nearest to the Gul- the body) of the earth kingdom is death it can never surpass death, man must die before his ascension. But through Kabbalah magick, while on earth here, you would experience and enjoy the kingdom that was why he introduced this method of worship to the world in the first place kingdom on earth. He is the unseen one he existed same as man exists, like man is unable to reach or touch his thoughts but only through experiences, so is man able to feel G-d, blessed be He and his Angels of light in lives and ways because he truly lives.

The teaching of Kabbalah magick centres on the tree of live. This is a living tree with ten forms of emanations these ten emanations or call them precedence are revealed as ten in number and not because G-d, Blessed be he, is ten, he is one and only one the unified force, but they are so depicted in to numbers of ten, to provide absolute understanding and comprehension to the human mind to understand creation tallied with his creator. But not as erroneously stated in the teaching that the world came into existence by the means of a great explosion in the heavens through planets and so on and so was how man became a living being, how absurd and distorting an information, creation is G-d, blessed be he and he is creation. Kabbalah shows the bases and details of creation through the means of this great glyph the tree of life. Creation started like the first man Adam Kadmon, he was just a point in creation an inception while Kether united with the first man and from them is preceded all other nine sephiroths to make up the ten Sephiroths. The kabbalist owe many and clarifications from chosen ones and masters and rebbes like the great Ari-Isaac Luria, Bal Shem Tov, Chaim Vital, Gikatila and so on. The world must make a great restoration of the kingdom called Tikun (restoration of the fallen man back to his original place of abode). This duty is for all humanity at large both great and low both practical spiritualists, Wiccans, Pagans, Christians, Muslims, Buddha, Hindus and so on to restore the fallen kingdom back to its grace and root. This is the bases of my interest to teach and give studies, that would create the platform of believe, worship and teachings. I offer courses to interested students from my website here and give personal private studies to all those who are interested. I therefore stand as one amongst many that offers easier method of eye opener to the world to enable the climbing the ladder of light that is presently awaiting humanity to find it as it has already descended from the heavens to the earth plane now awaiting humanity., This ladder of light is actually hidden from the wise and the prudent, both the high and mighty the wise and proud, but revealed to the babies and suckling, attained and visible to those that are in search of the knowledge of light, called the great “seekers of light” let those that has ears listen to what the spirits is saying to the called, many are called few are chosen, very few. The word of Master Jesus the Christ, Blessed be he. The meaning of the word “Christ” is light and the king is waiting to embrace us in the light of his holiness…. When you are ready for this great goal you are chosen and you are one of the Israelites.




There are all kinds of religion, systems of worship and believes on earth today even as of old times too. Kabbalah deals with all aspect of these all. It is a complete system that G-d, Blessed be he, introduced and the Angels where able to reveal same also to mankind, even after the most high did first, they continued where he stopped. Kabbalah embraces Wicca, and Pagan worshippers not as enemies but brothers and sisters. They both have a sole goal in their different method of pursuit. While the kabbalist believes his observing the whole, the Wiccas and Pagans are concentrating their effort on some aspect of the branches of spirituality which is the whole of the tree of life. The tree of life has an influence one way or the other in our lives for as long as we are here on earth there is no escape, you are involved.




A slight difference between the kabbalist and other religion is that, they other religion never calls on the holy 72 names of G-d as was revealed or received but in this is the whole aspect of kabbala rested. While the Wicca believes in their goddess Diana and various other names of her, the kabbalist clinch and cling on the skirt of the holy names that formed creation, while the Kabbalist knows that it was Binah an aspect of the G-d head consciousness a female attribute that actually formed creation, meaning the goddess is found in the tree, the wicca observes only the tiniest aspect of the female attribute alone. Meaning also that the Wicca observes only an aspect of the total proportion of magick. The goddess is Binah, she was in the beginning with G-d, Blessed be he, She migrated to earth plane and became mother earth or earth mother or what ever you might call her to be. The Wicca are never permitted to do evil just like the kabbalist and the Pagans too



Binah is a very valuable sephirath in kabbalah, she receives and distributes accordingly. To her is the qualities to judge and punish is given over creation as a whole, as she Blesses so also she can Curse respectively. To the pagan, he believes in the god and goddess, which the kabbalist calls Chockmah and Binah. Both are very important sephiroth in kabbalah magick, they are two of the holy triangles.
Kabbalah is the communication from G-d to man. It is the absolute desire of G-d to sustain man in creation with spiritual and physical benefits but because man has dislodged himself from G-d, Blessed be he, he therefore failed and became a beggar. Therefore must he return to be the seeker. Man has since the falling in the garden in Eden, continue to supplicate with G-d on how he can return to the light presence once again from the grace he had lost from the beginning.


In the Spirit, Man transcends Time and Space in Totality. He bridges the Gap between these two.


Purity is a word that means Sanctity of oneself, abstinence from all pollutions etc. When it is said "purify your body because your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit" it means observance and abstinence. Man is to observe the ways that would lead to G-d consciousness. "How to become G-d, so swear "Eheieh" to our parents". One would need to observe the rites climbing the sephiroths of the Tree of Life.


The Pyramid signifies three in one united as one, the absolute force. It signifies Mercury, sulphur and the salt, Wisdom, Understanding and beauty or Glory. It all started from there and would definitely end up there. The serpent coiled and has its tail in its mouth, a circle starts and returns to complete itself as a circle. The first and the last (as above so below) Kether, Chockmah and Binah the three forces combined to rule the Universe. The builder and creator of all, it is the Fiat of G-d.The pyramid is in man, in his inner conscience, it is mans absolute initiation from the divine. It is the most regarded and absolute force that embraces all, no wonder that the Egyptians regarded it as the most essential factor in all of their ceremonies.

The Word is made Flesh, The Word is man and man is the Word. Man is a creator of his own world, by his spoken word and his thoughts he creates and continues to create. The world is not unaided by man in its creation, for as long as man lives therein, his Thought Forms will ever remain as a print on the Earth. Therefore man would always mirror to himself what he truly is, his Thought Forms. They would either hunt him or aid him in his growth both physically and spiritually. Thoughts are the Ruach the spirit, the life living force that G-d breathe into man from creation.

Man carries G-d always with and in Him, he is G-d, but he would die like man, psalm 82 v 6. Man shears part of G-d´s gift (The most important part), he became like G-d. The Angels said this to themselves in Genesis "Man is like one of us". To purify the body and make it to become the Temple of G-d, one must learn to call on the Ruach the Holy Spirit to move through the whole body of man by calling on the light from above, the Kether like G-d but not G-d himself. This is the G-d that creation is accorded. He instituted creation. He observed how each other sephiroths creates each of their path in man and in the world of Assiah.


The Soul needs to be pure to be able to move and follow the absolute journey to the supreme one G-d.


We need the Angels as much as man needs G-d  




Adam loved his wife Eve so much that he had to pay the great price of to fall from his high estate expelled from the garden inside Eden to the open world; this is regarded as the great fall of mankind. According to the biblical story of the fall of mankind, man listened to the woman and he had eaten the fruit that was introduced to him by his wife the woman. For he loved her so much, he never really questioned her, but rather to disobeyed G-d to please her.G-d had instructed them both never to eat the forbidden fruit, but even then when the woman came to him with the same wish to shear with her what she eats found and loved, he took it without thinking twice. He knew how powerful his master G-d was, the all in all that makes all, even then, he forgot all, and eat the fruit by this, he disobeyed his father and master. He was driven out from the garden of solace and plenty to a world that he would need to strive with outermost rigour to feet and realize his needs. But with all, he never blamed the woman, but they both bore the burden until this day (Interested readers could read the book of Genesis from the Christian bible).

Here Adam the man displayed love and wisdom. We need each other to tread this path to fruition. Love is required in all to make all possible.



There are other known religions that are multicultural like Voodoo rite, Wicca, Juju and the great and renowned magic called the Enochian magick.


This method of magick was first revealed to Enoch by God through the Angels and later forgotten and re – surfaced from two men that decided to devote their time and energy to discover this method of magick solely for their own selfish end, but unfortunately where unable to derive any kind of pleasure or satisfaction before their death and they are both Dr John Dee and Edward Kelly.  Edward Kelley or Kelly, also known as Edward Talbot (August 1, 1555-1597) was a convicted English criminal and self-declared spirit medium a notorious man while Dr Dee (July13, 1527-1608 or 1609) was a noted english astronomer, mathematician, astrologer and geographer, was a noble man. He was Queen Elizabeth II astrologer and adviser. A man the Queen held on high esteem. He wanted this magick to enable him rule provinces and control nations at large. It is a fact that this was actually dictated to him through Edward Kelly by the Angels that rules the four quarters of the universe. There is still more that the world and students of the art of magick has not yet unravelled in Enochian Magick. The first man that ever attempted to meddle into the Enochian magick was a man called Aleister Crowley the notorious magician who pronounced himself as the beast 666. He attempted to break through the barriers of the Enochian Magick when he and his friends evoked The Great “Chorozon” (Satanic order) with the blood of a pigeon used to produce ectoplasm the elixir that enabled the creation and visible appearance of this deadly and dangerous spirit, order of the Hades.  Enochian Magick is really not any other of magick other than a means to penetrate the world beyond and a key that would enable the opening of the door way which would permit the entrance of the demons to take charge of destroying the world. And they are all in the minds of men. We would be right to say, enochian magick has to do with the distructive power of the Angels influence on the minds of men, their existence largely depends on the availability of man that would enable their existence. His mind is the doorway to the world of ours. We use the word destructive because, these are the supposed Angels to be used to judge the world.
 Man is the medium which would either hold the world to remain safe or the architect of his own misfortune.Aleister Crowley only cracked the door way to the exposure of this communication while students are still searching for the true and real method to enable the complete art to be perfected and when this is done?


What would be the result dear fellow students? Self annihilation, that would be the result for humanity at the end if we refuse to adhere to the right path, Magick of the right hand path instead of magick of the left hand path.


This is a practice that is mostly misunderstood in the spiritual practice in the modern times. Wicca is founded by Gerald Rousseau Gardner, an English hereditary Witch and allegedly responsible for reviving Witchcraft in the modern Western world, was born in Blundell near Liverpool, England, on June 13th, 1884. Meaning, Wicca is modernizing the age old witchcraft practices. The practitioners are themselves witches and wizards that have obliterated the old age ways of the art.

Gerald Gardner While in the Far East became acquainted with the natives and familiar with their spiritual beliefs and practices, which influenced him more than Christianity. Gardner was also influenced by Aleister Crowley magical practices, although, it was never proved weather he got magical practice rituals from Crowley. He was fascinated by their spiritual pre-requisites like the dagger, knives magical circle etc, especially the Malaysian Kris; a wavy blade dagger, and wrote Kris and Other Malay Weapons, which was published some time in Singapore around 1939.

Wicca practice has to do with observing the Equinoxes, the four seasons and mother earth etc.

Their rituals mostly have to do with the Moon goddess Aphrodite, Diana she is also Selene, Isis, Artemis, and in her intolerable moments she is known also as Binah, Hecate and Power, in this she is in absolute vengeful destructive capability that results to even death or she would be pronounced as the slayer. But she is the perfect woman that bore the earth in her womb, ideal to all men and her voice is power known. It is a practice that is less monotonous as the original witchcraft practice that needs crude and barbaric incantations during their ceremonies and rituals of initiations. Wicca has not to do with the worship of the Devil like most people thought, rather it has to do more with the earthly elemental force amplified by the goddess herself. There are several differences in witchcraft practices and Wicca, their belief and their modus operandi. Gardner believes in the worship of the horned god Cernernous and other gods which he had learnt from the coven (The New Forest Coven) he belongs to in the then days to form his own. Gerald Gardner amplified the Book of shadows into the magical practices of the modern Wicca art. This is a book that should contain all the practices of the practitioners in the art, their laws and what have you. This i believe was also copied as a form of practice from the Gnostic art of grimorium verum the book of the black art.

The Will of Man in Creation, the Fiat in Action:


All that exists on earth has already its existence in the mind of the theurgist, Wicca or Pagan, undermining your form of believes or worship, it is there before your presence on earth.

Existence is when a thing or being has form or shape visible to the common eyes to perceive. Man has from his existence as a living being seen things in forms and shapes. He was able to depict when something is beautiful from when it is ugly. By this means he was able to have existence in his mind from the beginning. Illusion as the world is called, Maya in Sanskrit word, existed in the mind of man even before creation itself. The world was with him, in him and by him the world came into form. When in the book of creation from the Christians bible, stated that “in the beginning the world was null and void and darkness was upon the earth (Deep) and the spirit of G-d moved upon the face of the waters (Earth). He then said, let there be light to dispels the darkness” to separate itself from self, all was one and it would return to one, as above so below. The world was null and void, but it was in existence in the mind of G-d in the beginning. He brought all into existence from his will. We read above the command G-d gave to bring about creation into existence. The will, expresses the wants and desire of the mind. Man’s desires and wants are only brought into existence by him expressing his WILL exactly like G-d from the beginning, how he commanded into existence the world and all that is contained. 

Man must express his wants with a strong believe of a fiat (Creation). While believe is not the right word to use here but only for clarity purposes, the Wicca/Theurgist/Pagan should see his will in action by seeing all he wants as already there, he sees them as perfect and finished in appearance. One of the learnt prophets said “my word shall not return unto me void, but will accomplish where unto I sent it” What are all the noises on faith about? It is the exhibition of the will. “And now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen” another apostle defined in the bible. Aleister Crowley stressed much on the word “will” as the weapon of the theurgist, in many of his writings. All is in the mind of the theurgist the will of man. The weapon of war, the tool of creation, is the will, the believe and will in the rituals performed by the theurgist.

We have heard “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with G-d, and the word was G-d. All things were made by him and without him was nothing made that was made. In him was life and the life was the light of men, the light shines in darkness and the darkness could not comprehend it. The word so here referred is the will in action. The Wicca,Pagan or Theurgist are all from G-d, he therefore possesses the skill to create as his creator the father Psalm 8, v 2. Man, see yourselves as the creator (Will) for man is the will itself, the finisher. After all, how to become G-d, so swears he to our parents. In the Greek temples it is inscribed, “Man know thyself” Concentrate your intention, desire or want upon your purpose, focus your effort on a single pointedness of mind, you would definitely arrive at results. The phantasm that man finds himself from the beginning of creation has being his own make up. You the theurgist is living in a different world from none practitioners like you, Christians and the like, socialites etc. They would say to you, you are illusive, come instead to our reality and truth. Their reality that is marred with error and deception will be offered to you in their language of kindness. But when you step into this world, this is in fact the perfect illusion. Just as a man would choose one side of magick (Black) while the other chooses the other (white) one is a healer, the other is a wrecker of evil. Exactly so have these people choose this illusive path instead of reality. Their reality is technological inclination, invention of weapons of war to destroy the earth, the intention of one nation to rule over another in mind. Just like a drug addict that is never satisfied from drug inducement, they are never pleased with their inventions, therefore would continue until find the most destructive weapon that could destroy the entire world including themselves. The painful path of this is that, they forget this part and point of self annihilation. 

This is their meaning of reality. But in fact, who sees reality and who sees illusion, the theurgist whose hope of living is to help his fellow less fortunate neighbour where he can by the skill and ability he possessed, who expresses the law of nature love, or those that hate and destroy other and the entire world with their nocks etc. They have disillusioned themselves from their goal of spiritual elevation, their purpose of living (love one another, the golden rule) neither are they stagnant, as they progress day in day out inventing new devises to kill and mame the world at large. These professors are also exhibiting their will, by concentrating, and willing it to destructive end, this is their desire and want focused in their kind of reality. Now, magick is the “Will” a will in action, a will that is creating. Thought propelled toward a desired end, a mind accompanied with unshaken want, distilled heart to accomplish a goal, a thought propelled forth unhampered by conflict of mind. The will is a fiat, another word for faith as Christians would call it. In bid to unite both practices Kabbalah and Wicca magic, we can see that there is great resemblance to both practices. While one has its toes steeped in religious up growth (Kabbalah) the other is a way of life (Wicca) a tradition of the old and ancient believes. 

In the Kabbalah practice it is known that the tree of life plays a prominent role in the art. The tree of life has a special way that it conforms to the life of the practitioners. It is the number that is equal to man the (IHVH) most regarded name meaning G-d descended from his high heaven to live with man on earth. These are attributed to the head, chest, torso and the feet of a man. We must also point out here that Kabbalah is not a religion as believed by the public at large, but it is rather a tradition that has its root from the Jewish religion of Judaism. 

Wicca is a tradition that is formulated from the age old practice of Witchcraft arts. This is also not a religion but a way of life, even from the ancient times. They are not seen or accepted as a religious body but secret societies that have assembly with the devil. It is widely believed that in this age old practice, practitioners are said to have their souls offered to the devil on a platter of gold, in return for the devil to serve and offer them the help to accomplished their diabolic magic, that wreck havoc to the community they live. When such a person is at the point of demise, the devil is always waiting at their door post ready to take this lost soul with him to his kingdom, to serve him also in return for all he has done for them, so the Christians believe this to be. But Wicca, (modern witchcraft) is deep rooted more in psychology,  a way to reverberate the thought energy within man, with a bit of romance with the age old powers of the goddess (Diana-Harbondia and Cernonous- the horned god) these plays some part in their rituals too. I must point out here that only very few Wicca really do ceremonial magic today. While this is a special attribute to the Wicca magic it is left as too cumbersome and monotonous by the new believers in the art. Gerald Gardner the founder of new Wicca practice embraces ceremonial magic. He was able to imbibe this way of doing things into Wicca, not as scorned by the followers today. The true believers of the path are in constant use of items like incenses, scents, precious stones, roots and their leaves, herbs and all magical paraphernalia.

kabbalah has much respect and attached great importance to the first triads, the first three names which forms the first triangle (kether, binah and chockmah). that is g-d made manifest, these are the right and left and the middle pillars. while the wicca believes also in their goddess diana, same as when the kabbalist called binah mother of all in all, she gives and she takes at will. wicca believes also in the horned god cernonous, in this the kabbalist also believes in chockmah as the male g-d. the middle pillar the kether, is represented by man´s image and presence, while in wicca, the ritualist the (akasha-ether) is also the agent that these powers unveil its presence to the earth. both of these practitioners have a lot in common, while one is not really in conflict with the other but because practitioners of this newly transformed tradition, wicca lack positive and enough knowledge of the kabbalah. they condemn it as a religion of the christian g-d because it has a lot to do with agents named angels, and this does not conform with their believe and practice. these so called agents of the kabbalist are summoned by the wicca in their everyday practices but bore other terminology as benevolent agent forces, beckoned to come to their aid and assistance. this failure on their part is really not their fault, so to say as they are not informed properly, or made to know by the originators of this wicca, that these benevolent forces summoned are also angels but known in other terminologies. they bore no titles, nor names or attributes attached to them.



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