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The thoughts of man are powerful and therefore have the capability to replace and bring to him what are his demands which he really want. The seeker here must know that a well propelled thought stirs the unknown. But how he does this, is one aim that the theurgist in kabbalah the Holy secret of conversing with the Hashem, may he be blessed are revealed. This is one reason why I am inviting all interested persons male and female to come and learn this Holy rite of higher magick. The situation of the world at moment, after the year 2012, the race has already begun and here we must join this express spiritual train that ply our path. You would have no reason to say at this time that, you where not informed or had no chance to know the true Hashem blessed be he. This is the same as compared to the world now in computer technology. We all know that computer has already taken the world at large and anyone. be you old or young, that has no knowledge of same, lack behind  in social knowledge and it is therefore one step behind in life. This is also the same with the study and knowledge to meet with your true one, that light self of you. Before now we have heard that kabbalah has no place for women to learn this art and power, but how false is this. Women and men alike merited the right to this power and conversation with ones hidden self. We all need salvation and emergence, why then should some not be allowed?

Have you ever wondered why you dream and at every time you sleep you experience different kind of dream? When one is united with the light self, at this one moment, you would have no need to be dreaming as you have already arrived home. The Spirit, the great one praises the Soul who in turn thanks himself transformed into a body here on earth for his job well done. This is why I am interested in bringing you to the knowledge of how man could bring under control all that is within him and  that are round  about him  converted and be used as a working tool as directed by the Holy Hashem blessed be he. The one special reason why we are here on earth is to learn the use of this truth to our best advantage.

Here the question may remain to be asked by the seeker that; where does this ties up with the Angelic forces and their assistance to man? The answer is not far fetched because, this is why I am offering to give these kabbalah lectures as revealed of old to the prophets, but the use of this kabbalah knowledge and how they are converted to spiritual use are revealed only to but very few. I shall teach you how that dormant power within you shall all arose and be transformed to the advantage of the truth.

If only you could afford to relieve yourself of this fatigue by writing to me, I shall prove this as an existing fact and the truth on the existence of the Angels of light, may he be blessed.

This is why everyone out there that could stop here and read through my website pages are truly directed by the light, as many are called but few are chosen, very few. The moment you decided looking up this website, you are holding your problems in your hands and about to make one important change for the better. Moreover, you may be one of those who would ask does G-d, Hashem blessed be he, truly exist as proclaimed by many all over the world, or if the Angels of light actually work through the hands of a man? Save yourself this time by writing and i would prove this to you by our contact established today.

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I know that there is always need for items and rear products by people of high intelligence and experience. I mean there are people out whose interest are to speak one on one with the spirits of divers’ kind, be it Genies, Gnomes, Goblins, Fairies, Elf - and the like of these. I am prepared to unveil these to the worthy of how to make contact with these spirits with security and safety guaranteed when my instructions are followed to the last letter otherwise, risk are at performers own risk. In my early pursuit in magickal practices, one of the major factors that interested and captivated my heart mostly in magickal into the supernatural was to speak and hear the voices of spirits. I am glad to prove this as a fact that I achieved at the end of all my struggles that was not a thing of ease at that time. I had wished to send spirits on errands to fulfil many of my selfish and childish interest, of which I succeeded in my many places and failed in others as well. Now after several years of enjoying this liberty, I decided to reveal my know how to those that has the interest, be you man or woman, be you a Wicca or a Pagan, what counts is the interest that you are ready, willing and able to have an open heart to learn, your curiosity shall be put to rest by your success in the supernatural art the same me.

In the same quest for the secret of these supernatural powers, through the knowledge of kabbalah and the holy names of Hashem, may he be blessed, in my aid to contribute to the success of the Hermetic and esoteric art; I decided to offer courses on Kabbalah and the processes to get into the supernatural as stated below.

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I offer both personal and private online courses on Angelic Kabbalah spiritual studies into the supernatural to both mature and armature students as stated below, the courses are classified as follows. There are secret knowledge to use of the names of the sacred G-d Hashem ('אור ה) blessed be his holy name forever. This Holy name assembles the power of the sacred force of the Angelic powers and all knees including the vices of mankind bows to its effect. It definitely unveils how Man tackles his day to day problems which after knowledge of same he becomes waxen and therefore attains the name “the seeker” all in the power of the Glorious one, blessed be he;

The student learns from the elementary stage the communication with the true nature of G-d blessed is he, and how the LORD operates not with us but through us to combat our daily lives problems and manage our affairs perfectly. The elementary stage is where the students manages to find out his true self, not yet thoroughly, but enough to relate to the higher forces which by then, would see the student as a true seeker of the light. In this time the student and the spiritual name (or their personal name) they bear, is announced in the spiritual realms as one worthy to approach the ladder of light! The student takes up a self chosen name as directed in our studies according to the choice of them that seeks the light! The spiritual name he bears is registered in the spiritual world and when he calls, the Angels and spirits would attend and obey his will. Their magickal work and the rituals would take effect without much effort from the students therefore. This is a very interesting stage of the path.


Students here would learn some of the true and hidden names of G-d blessed be he, how they are applied along with the appropriate colours that affects us human and our lives. What use are the colours and reasons of why there are colours applied to magick, this is what the seeker find out. The student is faced with the knowledge and the yearning to really uniting with his one and true self from this lesson. The seeker is shown what Kabbalah magick is really all about and its general magickal properties with their applications from stages one to the higher magick, the contact with external and extra Terrestrials forces. What really is involved in working magick and how they could cause effect by achieving results as required. Students receive studies either through post or personally if such is within reach of the teacher or lecturer. The students are sometimes asked questions according to their studies lectures and answers are sent back to me for correction. This is only to prove that the student is advancing in their spiritual networking as I may call that in this time. They are also advised to write to ask questions or speak to me on the phone when they have the interest in so doing.

Here also students could influence their lives and others with magickal abilities positively, from what has being learnt and gained. Symbolisms of the world’s language would start making sense to them.

Students at this stage of study are ready to face the challenges of live with the ability that has so far being gained from kabbalah magick. Here they are able to utilize the Angelic Visions and communicate with Angels of Light and gain understanding of the world’s symbolism that natures uses to speak in general. Students can therefore cause changes in their environment and lives of those they love. They can offer help to mankind at large. From here they are ready to move to Spiritual Practical Magick Proper. This course runs also between 3 - 4 months period.

Here students are one united with and in the light. Students are able to cause wonderful changes and converse with the Angels of light at will. They could changes affairs and influence matter at will. Their thoughts have transcended the normal man and they are applied to his advantage. Here many are able to visit loved ones that are seemly millions of miles apart, as he already bridges space and time merged as one with himself he attains perfect clairvoyance and attains clairaudience, course runs also between 3 - 4 months as students wants and decides his application. Students could move or start at any stages that interest them the most as long as they already have basic knowledge of kabbalah magick or other higher stages of magickal work as master ceremonial and ritual magick. Their prior knowledge of same would aid them in the mount to spiritual heights.


I also offer courses to students and persons who may be interested in general spiritual studies. This is a combination of all the studies ranging from Kabbalah, to Wicca, paganism and their like. You are invited to write to me and you will be informed how this particular course study is conducted.

Please note:
All interested persons, women and men above 18 years of age are eligible to contact me for the above stated course studies, you are all invited. Then write now or fill in the subscription here which is also the enrolment form.

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