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"Practical spiritual Angelic kabbalah magick. Kabbalah is not a religion as thought by many, its only a tradition that came out from a nation that were the first to believe in same as a method to communicate with HaShem, blessed be he, over years of practical experiences in ritual and ceremonial, hermetic, Gnostic and talismanic magick. Osho, Juju, Wicca and Pagan rituals, true teachings of tarot card reading, crystal gazing, scrying, and contact with Angels of light. I am interested to prove the successful communion with the supreme one, may he be praised forever".


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"Healing paintings and jewellery made in co-
creation with the Hereafter".

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Spirituality and Brahm Mantra Brahm Mantra AUM HRIM RAMA JAYA RAMA JAYA JAYA RAMA is a spiritual mantra. Develop your spirituality by chanting of Brahm Mantra. The constant, round the clock recitation of Brahm Mantra works as a spiritual dynamo.


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