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The Archangels and the Angels of Light 

Is the world coming to an end in 2012?

The year 2012, the Golden Year

In continuation from the Angels of Light

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The Year 2012

These are hebrew writings showing the existence of Chockmah as it was in the beginning "Black coloured-wisdom untested" before it became Binah " white coloured-understanding and clearity of mind"




Many are interested to know what is kabbalah and how this is are related to man and the connection it has with the supernatural otherwise called the higher and pure magick. The fact remains weather we believe in the all of this or we call it jargons or what have you, the fact remains that it is alive and lives the same as we human beings do live. There are Archangels and Angels, which are categorized into the order of the Seraphim and Cherubim. The Archangels are the seraphim while the Angels are the Cherubim.

The tree of life which is a glyph used by kabbalah being a tradition and the act under hermetic science to prove the existence of G-d blessed be he and his ministering Angels of light  and how they are related to us in our everyday lives. The method that we could translate this to our general lives and how to implement that to cause changes, to enable the intercession of the ministering Angels on our behalf seconding our request over the matrix and how we can win this is the teachings of the kabbalah. With kabbalah the Bible is laid bare before the student and many things that are only written in parables would be come clear to the understanding of the lay man. All forms of ignorance would disappear to give way to illumination.

The tree of life is occupied respectively by the order of the Seraphim and the Cherubim in the descending order from Kether to Yetzirah the third plane of emanation from the first Arziluth. The world of Briah is the world of creation where the Seraphim dwells in while the world of Yetzirah is world of formation that the Cherubim resides and governs. The Archangels creates as directed by G-d blessed be he, in the Briahtic world but the Angels bring to materializing that which is created above to below as it is in the supernatural world of Arziluth to become form as Adam on earth the same Adam Kadmon  in the spiritual world of paradise Conc- undiluted spiritual form. The Archangels have the will to use in order of discerning good from what is bad but not choice, they carry out orders of their king as designated. We the human are unlike the Angels who never makes choices unless as dictated to them from their higher order of the Serahimic Archangels; we humans make the choice this is where we make mistake our  demand to always wanting, the choice we make always. There is a superior Arch-angelic power called Sandalphone, meaning sandals as one of the transcendental beings always with sandals on his feet to warn the defaulter of the superior checker heading their way. That is where his name originated, named after his wearing of sandals. 

Sandalphone could be equalled to Archangels Metraton, but while Archangel Metraton stands directly behind what we the physical ones would call behind or back, since the one and only supreme father is incomprehensible, even the Kether world is still too scintillating and comprehension is not gained therefore here as well may he be blessed. Sandalphone rules the material physical plane called our earth. Metraton directs and oversees the action of other Angelic powers under his height but as directed by the most high may he remain blessed. Archangel Metraton was a human being; the same as we are with flesh and blood before his migration into the Archangelic height where from he gained and attained the height of Metratonic powers. When he was the fleshly being, he was called Enoch the shoe maker but a humble man and had the love of G-d blessed be he, so much at heart that he was repaid with his being elevated to what he desires most in his life time; to serve in the house of the most High forever, may he be blessed, so he attain the transcendental Angelic standard. The Angelic order in the height of the heavens wondered why and how could a once human, rose to head over them? As we all know, the command of Him the uncreated binds all forever and unquestionable blessed be he, so Enoch reigned till today in the heavenly bodies of Seraphim world of Briah. We also learnt from this experience that for G-d may he be blessed, human beings are so valuable than all that he had and would ever create. Our creation is for a special purpose, to honour and praise him, to shed off this inimical part in us that was of him in the most high, to learn and attain perfection and immunization, to convert the inimical part to goodness instead, to attain the same perfection as the most high is blessed be he. That is if we could retrace our steps back and find where we failed and decide to amend our mistakes, he is ready and willing to accept and give us our place, the chance to definitely reclaim and take what rightfully belongs to us before the creation of this world, but in the then times of Garden of Eden. Sandalphone patrols the heavens and the earth at will. Sandalphone and Metraton are one and the same while one is the woman the other is the male features the prince of countenance.

Many people think of the Angels as having wings to fly like birds, it is wrong to believe the Angels of light or the Archangels are having this features, they are wingless beings. They are but light and are even formless but could put on any form that they want to have with them to fulfil an errand so sent by the most high blessed be he. When they commences motion it is like being propelled through time, the same as man would in the higher astral plane when man dies and he is faced with another life to cope with in that existence; meaning there is another life,  the new and almost perfect world to come. These celestial forces do not have wings to fly like birds as shown in pictures by artist in their drawing. The ancient artist like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci drew this to show the difference between this celestial beings and humanity, showing them as superhuman through the use of wings to aid and express one reason that they could achieve motion more as man. Their motion is compared to like; when one glides through air breaking all the bearers  of resistance in the wind therefore riding on the wings of the wind while the wind in turn aid them in achieving speed showing them as  they truly are, supernatural beings. These celestial beings are themselves the wind that the most high rides on. They govern the elements they are the prime mover of the elements, some are formed from the wind, fire, water and the earth. There are earthly Angels too whose duty are the gate keepers they live amongst us sometimes as the superhuman and there are children who posses special characteristics in our today world whom science claim them to be sick in their minds as they are either too intelligent or cannot cope with our normal life here; these are the ones with the material like substance  visible to human eyes. The remaining Angel with other nature of the elements still visits man but mostly in dream state and so on or when we call them to our presence. The Angels oversees the actions of humanity they visit man to reveal and complete missing links and relate messages to those that are worthy of this apparition.


I am posting this topic because I felt the need of the world to know about 2012. In one of the group where I belong in Ning space, a member was interested that I asked the Angels of light about 2012 and these was the result I got. After that, many who read this topic are all asking me to post this for many to read and learn from it. Therefore, I decided to shear it here in my website. Thanks for this beautiful and intelligent question. (Response to the question of the member the enquirer) I have my answers as revealed by the Angels on the future 2012. I never thought to give attentions to the noise made all over the world about this year. I threw my attention to this special and challenging year because of the demand of many requesting my Vision and contact with the Angels regarding it; this world will not be coming to an end in 2012 as many thought it would be but instead there will be a change of ideas, religion and spirituality from this year upwards. A religion or call it a tradition or a way of worship or life will arise from this year upwards and it will draw a lot of attention and demand the minds of people all over the world to look up on it.


In this year, 2012 is the age, the long awaited golden age of the messiah to come and live amongst men to teach and lead the way to the light. The ladder has descended from the heavens and the ones in the light would climb up this ladder to meet their true and divine one. In this year upwards, many will die and many would be born. In this age, the king will demand sanitation over the entire the world. A new king will be born or emerge and he is called the golden One. He will preach, teach and talk more about love and correct the world of making a mistake on love and its application. There will be the need to correct ways love relationship as shown by men and nations to one another. He will therefore need to show how truelove is shown and the prove that true love causes no pains or fears in the heart of any that believe and follow the light path to true freedom and peace. In this year also, terrorism will ebb away from the surface of the world, or reduced to a minimum of one to zero percent because true love would rule and take the order of the day in everyone's life. In this year, religion would strife to unite from many into one and the same. It will be a collective effort to achieve this. This is why the king requires the like minds of the ones in the light who are ready and prepared waiting for this time and his coming to help this transformation possible. This is a year of mass poltergeist people or many with divers’ powers and abilities, as their natural gift is required to help propel the world from its chaotic state to freedom and peace. They are born now and many will be born then, these are seen and to be known as living masters and teachers. Even then many are called few are chosen, very few. There would and should be one religion in the world, this is the true doctrine that unites the world as one. In this time, there will be absolute understanding amongst the world, nations and families etc. and no more rumours of wars and fears, starvations etc. Moreover, this religion or tradition and way of life will prove the king to be the true and golden One because this new way will bring hope and freedom to the lives of the ones that accepts the light. Many nations are giving the chance by the event of this new changes brought in by the King. He ill speak of true love as the key and power to freedom in the world from the catastrophes that will show its head only to be conquered by true love force that should rule as order of the universe. This true love will rule with dominance the entire world etc. I see that from this year some nations would perish under the sea and buried under the earth. The earth would open up its sulphuric mouth issuing forth smoke and swallow up nations or path of nations that pollutes the system of government that the king needs to stream line the world to follow the light. It is the age of wonder and many dreams of the spiritualist come true. As their hope are to be restored by the coming of this Golden One and break through. Many that made mistakes by their method of worship or believe would correct them by this chance and time.

The word CHANGE that President Barak Obama of the United States of America promotes in his campaign in election is a word put in him to say and use by the Angels so that it will resound in the minds of the earth. That is why this campaign has gone down in history because it sounded to the end path of the world it is remarkable in history. The only reason why this great advertisement were allowed by the Angels of light in that election to echo to the end part of the world was to make way for the change to start from where the world expected it America the up country where the world has its eyes. America is like the world president and the speech and campaign done in that country will definitely attract attention the same as saying; If Mr president of America Barak Obama could do it in America why not... anywhere. The light to announce to the world what it needs now used him, which would occur in this year 2012, and it is CHANGE. He has prepared the minds of the people towards this word and the power behind it and the messiah is coming also with this same stride and would take the world by this surprise like it has already in America. That nation stood as an example to make way for this time of 2012. It has created awareness in the heart of the entire world. No much surprises any more though as the word change is alive already in the hearts of men, the world will not be amazed instead accept it as true.

This is all going to be true, dear ones in the light are you going to be found and prepared to meet the king? This change will really come to stay. For once again, G-d wants to give the world a chance to embrace the light and that will really be occurring from this year upwards. That golden question should be repeating in the minds of the entire world if we are prepared to accept it easily or be forced by the evil that looms in the dark. From that year, changes would be the order of the life and the watchword of the people, in homes, streets, countries in people in general. The name for that year is "CHANGE TIME" The Messiah will come in the Golden age and that age is now or never. However, not Jesus Christ as stated in the Bible but a messiah is also a saviour and a tradition or a religion propagated by someone is a messiah this time. Not only America would need to rise in spirituality this year onwards, it is you and I, we all-inclusive etc.

The Angels are ready to reveal more to humanity through visions through me and many more like me out there, many are called but few are chosen, very few.


Is the world coming to an end in 2012? This is one of the many questions that I have received, from those that read my prediction I received from the Angels of light about this year. There are many other people who are interested to know if this time really would mean the end to humanity? I wish to therefore speak further more on the revelation received about this year2012 from the Angels of light as promised to be continued in the last message received!

The year 2012, the world will not end, no not yet. The end of the world is not near at hand but the end to evil is already at hand. Vices such as; misunderstanding that brings about pains and deceit, calamities, destruction in homes and in relationships. Distorted marriages resulting to broken homes, whatever causes grieve and pains to the human heart, therefore makes one to have sorrows these all are coming to an abrupt end. The cries and rigours of humanity has rented the heavens apart, they have come up to the ears of the Almighty G-d. All of these would end but not the entire world. The Angels made me to understand that there are earth keepers, they watch over humankind and the earth and holds the four pillars that support the four corners of the world. These are not called or likened to Elementary spirits. These are combination of the Archangels and Angels, they are high-powered intelligences and their duties are well above what the elemental could do, they rather watch over the duties of the four elemental instead. These gate keepers these watchers of the earth, through the faults of humanity by their erroneous ways of life along with their diabolical inventions, has given rise to more work to the Watchers, work more than is expected. Many destructive things like chemicals and mineral matters that G-d has kept for future creation of lives that are other than humanity are being discovered by scientist and professors and are put into absurd use that will destroy the world before the set time for that come

G-d has a plan of why he created these chemicals and toxics in the first place. The Angels of light said, one of the major intention was to use them to produce sophisticated creatures that are more subtle than mankind, even though he regards man as one of his greatest creation. The earth watchers are therefore from this 2012 assigned the duties to try and correct the earth and renew it once again. This is possible only by streamlining humanity to follow a trend of life that will not allow the destruction to take place. The world is shaken now, it is resting on a pinnacle and it continues to rock on this pinnacle like a boat on the sea which without proper care, the boat would cap side from the intensive wave. G-d has a special interest on the earth.

Many may here ask why G-d would have the interest in a world that is bitter and insane.

The answer is that G-d has another plan for us the humanity that has passed through this perilous earth and is fit and worthy to move into the next stage of his creation. From the beginning, G-d devoted so much time and energy to creating man because his plan for man is great; he made man a little less than his Angels. What matters the most to G-d is the man and not the earth. The earth can waste and be desolate; G-d does not really care about it that much, not as much as the human living inside it. The earth is filled and stuffed with many toxic substances that are natural mineral resources to be used for some other purposes by G-d and not to create destructive end like man do with them. G-d has us put here to stay for a little while, just for a moment. He has a greater place where there is peace and solace prepared for man, for those who are worthy to live in it, those whose hearts are already purged from negative actions. He has put in so much time to creating man to destroy humankind aches his heart. The Angels of light says;

The heart of G-d bleeds whenever he turns and looks unto man and what he is doing to himself for the sake of his inventions. He has therefore issued a warrant of warning to all the watchers of the earth to come to earth and do all they can do repair and put right man’s wrongs. The watchers will come in the form of man and humanity; they are to be born like one of us and should live amongst us like one of us. The great plan is on already. They are going to come into the world en mass. Hearing this, I here decided to ask the Angels if the gate watchers are the Aliens or UFO. They decline to respond to that question but not completely because they said; the form with which they decided to penetrate the earth is absurd. It caused humanity to shrink with fears in his heart. Because of this reason, G-d condemned it this attitude and way of their appearance. Now they are devising a suitable form that humanity will appreciate and welcome. They will marry and live like anyone of us because by this way they would not only see the true picture of the world we live in with all the destructive devices created by man out of jealousy and fear of the unknown. The watchers feel and taste it themselves just like man because they are then like one of us. They will bear children and there children will be amongst the warriors that will wage this war on the climate to correct it even on nations that refuses to follow the trend of this new CHANGE, the change that the new king or new ways of live is bringing to earth. The Angels said we are light and the light is in our hearts. We shine through the darkness of our hearts; man must learn to pass through the judgement that is always a barrier to man and his means of ascension. One way to notice this fire is light, represented by the light produced by fire, just as G-d appeared to Moses in the burning bush. But that light did not burn out the bush wherein it appeared is, the fire with which man cooks his food, because the body of man is filled with heat otherwise he will not be alive this heat is the light in his body. So is the light that gives life to man, without which man has not possibility to live. This light is in the heart of humankind and the fire that produces this light does not burn down the heart. In some this light is deem and weak, to others it shines with great brilliance. And these are the chosen ones to fight along with the Watchers that have become men and that lives amongst mankind to know and understand their heart properly. The Angels said, one of the deepest things that G-d has created is the heart in man. With it, is the power of the will in him established.

“Human beings therefore watch your hearts” Are you prepared to meet the master and the Divine one? This question should be answered with all sincerity of heart. The watchers and G-d needs from you to wage this war the instrument, the will”.

The heart of man is so deep even the Angels has no access to enter, and can therefore hardly predict what it will do the next moment. This is why most times, it is not possible for spiritualist to give accurate messages, about human being when asked to access and find any thing that is particularly private to that person. That is because the heart has code that controls this, and this code is only with G-d and to G-d alone, this belongs. He alone has the access to do that at will. He has not revealed how to penetrate or break this code any Angel. Only the Archangels have the possibility to know. Even then, they still need approval from G-d himself first and this permission G-d does not give easily because, and then men free will be evaded. That is supposed to be man’s private property so to say for analogy purpose here. Though the watchers has the powers to do that at will, as I had said somewhere before. Some of these watchers are also part of the Archangels and to them alone is the pin code given that could access the heart, which is only given to the Angels on demand with good reasons for that. It is only after that, the Angels would access the heart and penetrate to find out what is, what is not, and what would be before the demise of that person on earth. It is the same as when a person has an access code to a computer. He will open it up, read and copy out the data. It is the same too, as above so below.


The ring of love has circled the earth and I wish to bless her once again. I wish to continue to show my mercy to the world like it has being from the beginning of time. I have seen that there is so much suffering caused by absolute miss direction of power for selfish purposes and misconstructions created artificially by mankind in quest for power and superiority over one another. Even though the earth and all that is in it, is a pre-planed thing to happen, this is how it was before creation was set to function, before the creation of the world was, it has all being drafted to function like it is now. Though its all being set to play in such dramatic ways as shown as in the world today, but humanity owe the responsibility to themselves to be able, with the right exercise of their will, challenge this obnoxious situation and keep it under check and control.


Why is there so many people on earth that wonder why I, the most High one I, the one that is and is to be, I that is unknown and that is unborn, but he that made all that is like it is today, have I not responded to their wishes and needs as they would require from me? It is I who allow the will in man to be my source of trial to him. I test him as I would in my like ways. I understand that though to many, there seems to be no place in their hearts for me, though in their understanding, I do not exist. My existence is no evidence they realize as I am not the solid form that they are used to in their everyday lives. I know there are more people out there that listen to the whistle that sounds in their hearts to prove that I am not seen but I live even then. I am like a faint noise in the mist of the woods that sounds from afar but is heard even so, like it is in the near of the people, i am heard but not felt by them who are suppose to be my people. I live in their conscience even though I am found in death as reality; I cover myself with the deepened darkness that cannot be unveiled by man with his mere heart, in his consciousness. Even by this, I live by them who accept and receive me in their hearts. I cause why there are lives and forms on earth today, so is there anything that is too impossible for me to change? I am he that has being, I was, I am, and I will always be! They ask themselves, they murmur and ponder why I, the He that is, was and would always be not show them love, care and kindness anymore as was in the start of time?

Why should I do this for them, do they deserve any of this? Does mankind deserve anything more than they are experiencing today amongst themselves, enslaving one another and causing pains to one another? Their orders of lives are after accumulated wealth and mass enrichment at the expense of the innocent and less privileged. Look within yourselves, open your inner eyes and look within, are you satisfied with yourselves and the lives you are living now on earth and how you relate to one another? No open your outer eyes to look what you are doing to yourselves......The blind can notice how humanity has out of jealousy destroyed the pleasant earth I once cherished most, most because, in this one world is where I place my presence and is supposed to be felt more than in any other that I would create and that was ever created. This one world is with intelligence, name it all, I created other worlds and places before this one came into existence. I decided to create a new earth out from this old one, this one that you humans live inside is an old world, old because its filled with filth and hate and I would create a new one, as its already in the making. Not new like in the sense of new in the human understanding, a new form but all that is in it would take a new form of life and ways of living. That means, I would start by sanitizing this old world through the use of a section of my ministering forces whose duties are to watch over the world called "Earth Watcher" and report to their various channel; they are the Gate Watchers or keepers. These are who are made ready for the great battle ahead on earth that is to come in a moment. But the reality and the Croix of the matter is when the earth dwellers, you that lives on earth, you all to whom I love and cherish most, have you dared to asked to know me, when last did you ask for my true love for you? I am ready to let that out to them all in abundance, but when have you really asked of such from me, when last has anyone of them turned their eyes and hearts to me? I show to them that know me, to as many as asked for my abundant love and kindness them I Bless and uplift from their miseries and the miseries of this wicked world, them that are open and ready to walk on my path of light, this path that I has being before creation was formed through the hands of my Ministering Forces of light. This is a path I prepared for humanity to tread but not to un-intelligent species of existence like animals and the like. My heart rent with sorrow when I look down from my abode to see what humanity do to themselves how could a generation be so callous? A heart I left with them to use to discern between good and evil, to use as a will to choose, has being channelled for just one purpose alone – evil and devastation. Mankind had being prone to the attitude of using more of the one halve of his heart that is a supposed whole.

A heart is divided into three by the two parts and the portion that makes the division is also counted as the third. Then my people used more of the right part of the heart whose duty is to emit judgement and severity, while the other half the left part that is the other halves is seldom used. For a heart to be whole both parts must be complete and bounded in one to form a heart. Humanity in general visit themselves with iniquity more than love, they show hate more than caring. This left side of the heart that is seldom used up by man is the one part that is love, sincerity, care, kindness, goodness etc. this is my supposed heart that I plead man to use with each other. Situated at the left hand part of the human heart, that is supposed to be love and goodness, but discarded by mankind. And because of this imbalance of the heart, the mind becomes sick and frail. This sickened mind affects the entire system controlled by the blood circulation. Human beings should know that blood is for me an important substance; it took me several millions of time factor to compose and complete the formation of blood to enable life to exist through it. Blood substance is one of the most important parts of my creation.

All of this malpractices of using the right portion of the heart instead of the left part results to untimely death that lingers in the homes, places of work, even in the dark allies waiting to seize and snatch the innocent ones away without a chance of resistance from them. Mankind are helpless saving themselves from what they had created through self ignorance and the entire sort. That monster they had created through hatred and enmity against themselves has become a giant that heeds no more the call of its master and creator. The master has become prey to what he created himself, what a shame to mankind.... Humans should weep over their carelessness and ignorance and try to reorganise things for the proper ways of life to promote peace and stability to the earth, in their over zealousness to know all one time, in the impatience, they over shadow themselves and end up knowing nothing at all. I the light, must be in all that they do in order for them to attain perfection, otherwise catastrophe is the resultant end to all their inventions. I am not against Human development, but only when it is directed to hatred and defeat of one another, this i hated from the depth of my being, as this creates the absence of love from their hearts for one another. The human nature and attitude is always to topple one another, this I am against and hated with all vehemence. I can see that it has come to when men are at each others throat, it is growing from worse to worst. Look and look deep yourselves, cant you see that there are more dangers that will erupt like a volcano and would devastate the world to a large extent soon?. Is this not enough to worry my thinking? I saw all of these things from my abode and my heart rent with sorrow, but do I have a choice if not to help them out from this catastrophe and dungeon wherein they had plunged into? I decided therefore to bring in my warriors to safe the day, by wiping away all the unrequited elements that are inimical and are irreparable to humanity, these Gate watchers that would become like humans would wage wars and cause wars and would stir up wars to cleans the dirty ones away as spoils of war, in time, sooner than you could all imagine to happen, soon very soon it would come to pass, that you all may know that its truly I the Lord G-d that has spoken this....and not my Angels this time.  

What is it that I requested from Mankind to do for me? To love and know me and all will be well with them? Things would take their normal pace once again. This is why in my new replenished and cleansed earth, the new earth, such deceit will never be present".  


Now there will be Wars that would arise from the Northern Hemisphere at the left part of this region. But the Dragon would rear its head once again. The forces of good would be so much that it would be curbed but not absolutely. The Earth Watchers that would fight and equal the power of this evil genius, a man that hides under the guise of another but causes so much pains and destruction to my earth. The One that would lead this Earth Watchers that bears the rope of humanity would be dressed in black. He is a man who likes to wear tight fitted suits as black is his favourite colour or call it his official cloth? This is a sign that would reveal the night watchers to the earth plane, a pre-planned issue also. So when you see all of this in play know that the Gate keeper are out to fulfil their mission on earth and the time for the new earth is near at hand, no man knows the actual time for my new earth not even my Angels had I revealed this to yet.

This Earth keepers would lead and act with so much wisdom that would marvel the other world leaders as himself he is a leader of repute. This person would represent one earth leader as accepted by other regions on earth as he being a leader. The Earth Keepers is one amongst many earth watchers that are used for various missions both here on earth and many other plane of existences, else where unknown to human comprehension, before creation was set to function before the world was created is all being set to function in this way.

This was the message from G-d to the Archangels and the Angels repeated and resounded to my ears, I questioned why must it be like it is stated, why must humanity be left with little or no chance to make choice? I wanted clarity through the Angels and they said. Like it was planned for the earth by the almighty G-d, there are set years after 2012 that these things would start to function like was predicted.

More to come from the Angels of light! Blessed be he.

The Year 2012

We have heard with our ears or we had read through books about information on what is to befall the earth in the year 2012 and the prediction of the science station NASA;

"The Perfect Storm! A MAJOR 2012 solar storm is VERY high on the prediction charts according to NASA"

The Angels of light wants all to be rest assured here through the revelations once again given by them; that there is not really much to fear as being predicted by so many people through the ages such also as the MAYA whose calendar ended before this year 2012, and what is to befall the earth is absolute darkness catastrophe, even in films acted by most Hollywood actors, pointed to this same direction, the destruction of the earth plane, the world we all live in right now. It is although true that there are going to be remarkable changes to weather and human reactions to each other, such as nations will rise against nations, wars would rise from where is least expected to occur. Nations who are supposed to back down would raise their voices in disagreement to world power nations, as the big nations would stand behind these small nations and use them as a bait to start a war that shall rise from cold war to active war.

There will be developing countries that were once so small in world power that will suddenly rise to the surface and shall then have the capability to fight wars like other great nations already known as world powers would have, all in the fact that some treacherous big nations are behind them, this will shock many, as it is an unexpected predicament that will befall the world; this nations will muster power and might to display their capability in wars. But with all of this it is still not enough to really shake the earth to crumble as predicted, it is going to be a war that is minimal in scale as the gate keepers will always keep all under check and balance but would not really stop this wars. It is not that they are not capable to stop wars and disagreement amongst nations and people, but it is a choice of the world to fight wars and eliminate each other, this way the world population is kept under check. This way of life by fighting is a choice we choose to live by, so the gate watchers would have little or nothing to do in it, as they can and are not giving the right to influence us as by so doing, they broke the laws of the “Free will” accorded to every living thing by G-d, blessed be he. The world will be thrown into so much trials such as we are already seeing on a small scale now but would rise in this time of 2012, there is going to be another major shake in world economy once more, though not that will not come back in order like it once had, but it will put a lot more people into absolute disarray. The world is surviving already though, through its perils and dangers, but our care and watching is not good enough as we need to do more.

The spiritual minded people are the longer arms of the gate watchers. They are the once that could be used to reach and try to change things to its proper forum. The great question is; how many of us are really ready and willing to leave our material acquisitions to follow this even though it seem lonely and slippery a path, but it is the way to solving this negative upsurge that befalls the world?. The gate keepers said, the world is sick and needs to be healed, the healers are here with us already, the gate keepers are mingling with us here on earth already to feel and understand our ways, but even then, they have their orders watch can never by passed. We and we only are the once in whose hands the future of the world rest upon. They the gate watchers could do little or nothing without us human beings playing the leading role in this drama. The worlds boat will only be rocked from side to side but would survive this wave of turbulence, the then upsurges in 2012 shall be defeated. So we must try and be ready in our minds and hearts and be mind lifted always to higher grounds, this way the gate keepers are invited to come in and dwell in us and use us as means to curb this evil machination that is seemly on the rise. The world, a path of it, shall once again be consumed by flood the same as the once “Katrina” that once affected the world the “Tsunami”  But fear not says the Angels of light, we are there to help and save, neither is it thee will of the most high, blessed be he, to allow this destruction to consume the lovely world he created and the best that could ever put human beings through the trials that would make them to be come worthy to approach the light of him, may he be blessed. A few years after 2012 (five years after) there will be a great change as this so named change will start taking effect and be felt by almost all, and then all will almost seem to  return to perfect normality.

The Angels of light opened the curtain of time and showed me that more that; the most serious times to year 2012 is already almost over and that time was; three years before 2012. This time the world was never prepared for this shocking defeat that confronted it and the gate keepers where never far away to assisting that things never really turned as disastrous as was anticipated by the wind and stormy demons.

The year 2011, a year before the test time in 2012, is a year that there will be recorded great economical strength one nation and this would also shock many, as it was unexpected. This means as said by the Angels of light, may his name be blessed, many who has lost their places in the society, should gather their loins to climb back to their once seemly lost positions. This nations would rise economically come year (2011) as I already mentioned, it will be shocking, but this is a swing in the wind of change that I had already mentioned in my previous predictions through visions from the Angels of light. When this happens, many should be ready to know that the dragon which is dressing up to rear its head is from this circle of economical dominance therefore, a clash which will be anticipated. There will be a defeat of one great president that is well known and this would also shock and cause rift in the world.

There will be more wars that would be fought but that is five years after 2012, this time will be when is the ripe and right time for this Great War that had threatened for so long, but that is being locked up by the gate keepers from occurring to then occur, only not as anticipated and instead peace and economical stability almost all over the world should be expected. But all the same, this war is a necessity to keep some nations under check that’s one reason that the gate keepers where going to allow the occurrence of that war. I see that many other nations will fall and become more broke than expected, and therefore emergence as one with others will be their only survival. These nations would need borrowing of money to support them. Many nation will be looking to America for assistance in their internal affairs but American will not really respond that much or but little as she is trying to keep her home in peace and drop off mixing in other nations internal affairs as it seemly is or thought by many as it is. This is a time that the world will be concerned with economical issues but like the Angels said there are promising financial tides the wave of economical stability is driving to the earths direction. Many failures which the world has plunged into shall be corrected perfectly. It is time that the world should start getting serious and go back to the drawing table with open minds to allow the gate keepers to inspire their decisions that would be profiting therefore.

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