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What is meditation and why should we meditate?

Why do kabbalah practitioners, the act of communication from G-d, blessed be he, meditate and why do many practitioners of various field of spirituality meditate? What is the essence behind meditation? These are some of the many questions that students and layman in the field of spirituality may be asking to know.

Meditation is an art of returning back home, a flip through time to see what is with you and your great body of light back home; it is a process of realizing the true oneself, tha great and wonderful body of light. Meditation is nothing to do with spirits invocations, or evocation as many may fear, and for reason of this refuse to engage in meditation because of this baseless thinking of theirs.

Though the fact remains that when one actually engage in true meditation, when you enter consenciously  though better with a teacher. The one that has “the know how”, you might actually feel a difference about yourself in the moment you engage in this practice of meditation. Meditation is knowing truly whom you are. That you that is the real  one whom you now invite through this shift in time to glance into the future of the unborn, would draw the curtain of ages aside and welcome you back home the moment as you meditate. This is that time when you actually look within  and become satisfied with yourself with life or a decision to change somethings about you that you hated. Meditation is an act of shutting the outside door from you while you penetrate that inner doorway into the beyond into another life even while you are in this your present one. In this meditative life that the meditationer sees; there are lots of transcendental beings such as the Angels of light and even meet with someone whom you once know or do not ever had seen, all of these depends on what your intentions are  the reason why you meditate the stage for all is set from when you seat to start. That is why i mensioned that one needs a teacher beside them when we should make intensive and meaningful meditation. There are meany things about meditation the like which are not explainable to normal life. Meditation actually depends on why the seeker meditates and with what intentions we have in mind while we are on this excercise.

Meditation should and must have reasons why we are engage on it or our intentions are very important, for anyone who after reading books and they engages on this journey of light receives little or no benefit. Most times they rather return from this journey with heavy heads or migraines or end up feeling very relaxed after the session as done in most meditative classes and CD for meditations and so on. These are no spiritual meditations, the seeker had not climbed the Jacob´s ladder of light. that awaited all.  Our reason of doing this act or engaing on this spiritual excercise must be realized, why we needed to visit this region of the unknown is important to the enquirer.

Meditation is not soul travel as such or astral travel as many may be thinking, but in all, it is a doorway into all of these facts. We must here never confuse relaxation to meditation like many do. Relaxing is the first process that one must enter before he could penetrate the doorway to the unknown. It is really not the unknown as it is understood by many, but rather it is what you had being and that door way is just the barricade between you and between that which you were that you no longer recognise.  

Many people oddly believe also that Angels has wings like birds to fly, in all of this, they are erroneous studies that brings them to meet such frivolous they call facts which are not proven. In their apparitions and dreams as created by their imagination, they see these figures with wings, oh what absurdity I mean, how wrongly they are informed. Angels do not fly like winged birds; they glide through the air as they are super humans.  Because this super-being ability there are therefore capable to achieve motion without clapping of wings like birds to fly, motion is easily achieved by their thought projection and divergence, they are here and then could be seen over at the same time, just as they willed this to become. There are no space and time that binds them like us humans. The pictures we see where they are drawn with winged feathers is because, they the renaissance artists where trying to show that these beings are super human and they are not to be equated to mere human.


I teach practical spiritual Angelic kabbalah in the name of the almighty G-d and his powers, the uses of the 72 Holy names of Hashem blessed be he, to their advantage in life. I tell visions through my resounding contact with the Angels of light. I do healing to anyone who requires the touch of the Angels of light in their lives. I give perfect dream interpretation, as dreams are but symbols that speak to us and needs expertise in discerning these symbols which were brought to us in the dark and needs the light to comprehend their meaning. I perform remarkable ritual and ceremonial magick of light, ascending the Jacobs (tiphereth) ladder of light, this is also the magick of bringing into physical appearance the spirits and especially of the Angels of light to care for man and all his needs as delegated by G-d may he be blessed for ever. I heal through the gift of Hashem, blessed be he, all those who have serious and severe pains and disorder in them such as; Migraine, serve headaches that has lasted several years, depressions and the likes of sicknesses that leaves one bedridden. Crystal gazing and talismanic magick of seals and amulets are some from several other spiritual arts that I do in my practical spiritual work. I have earned several years of over 35 years experiences and revealing teachings from the Angels of light who never leaves me for once but ready to carry out my intercession and supplication for mankind in general. Write in now and benefit from teachings like; Wicca and paganism. Hermetic magick and magick of the transcendental are basis of my kabbalah magickal work. (Note, please consult your doctors for all medical help).

Write to enquire for healing on any kind of ailment, all is G-d and Hashem is all, blessed be he forever!

During the creation of the world and all that it contains, the Angels of Light where the messengers used on errands that brought about physical materialization of the world we live in today. They the Angels of Light know where, when, how and why things happen here on the earth plane. They also know the permanent solution to these problems when help is sought after from them in the right way and the right methods are applied that would benefit mankind in general.This could be likened to a car manufacturer and his assistance. When a car could not run or move anymore, one look at the car by the manufacturer, would tell what the problem is about and how it could be remedied. That is exactly what the Angels of Light are to mankind, to bring peace and solace to the many problems of the world at large.
We must understand that our G-d, blessed be he, through the Angels feels and knows what man in his everyday live requires to fulfil his living but we are allowed the chance of choice making, this is where we either fail or passes, may Hashem be blessed, put in our hearts the right choice, when we are to make one Amen!

Contact me and I will prove the existence, superiority and supremacy of the Angels over difficult situations and how they could be remedied with the benign influences to you. I cannot wait to relieve you from your worries now;

I am waiting for your call or write to me through my contact address a mail specifying your need and i shall attend to you with all urgency.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best spiritual service in all of your general problems such as; Is your health threatened by persistant ailment and you seek to be free from it now?

  • Is having a child impossible for you or having more than one pose a problem therefore?

  • Hashem, blessed be he, has not created any woman to remain Barren (unable to have a child) or a man steril (unable to make a woman pregnant).

  • Does making a choose over your carrier challenging to you?
  • Does making choice over the right man/woman gives you sleepless nights?
  • Do you have problems to please your lover?
  • Do you visit Astrologers/monthly procrastinators and Card readers to know what the future hides away from you? 
  • Are you disturbed by continuous dreams that makes no sense to you? 
  • Are you unjustly being prosecuted at work therefore your fate remain uncertain?
  • Do you want a better carrier and aspirations?
  • Are you into politics and your fate dwindles?

If you or a love one are faced with these challenges, i can assure you of ultimate satisfaction through the intervention of G-d and the Angels of Light with your visit and contact to me.



I am not only virtual … You can write to me, for feedback, critic and praise or just for remarks. I am also open and interested in changing experiences.

It would be a great honour to hear from you soon;



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