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What man considers as problem is rather  blessing to those who have the solution through  the intercession from the holy HaShem blessed be he!



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The Practical Kabbalah Why in the world today, why now?


I read articles from websites and pages of many publications of some very famous Jewish kabbalist of people who are revealing and writing on practical kabbalah as absurd and false. They wrote those who claim to divulge same as secret are wrong as they have no knowledge of the subject in sincerity. These are some of the wrong teachings that students that listened and reads such articles would plunge themselves into, it is a dead end, it is no news and no light but absolute darkness as of old when this knowledge was hidden in the dark as against why we need to know G-d, HaShem, blessed be he

The question is why is Practical Kabbalah not allowed to be revealed? They claim that it is suppose to be secretive and no one not in the inner sanctum (Jewish by tribe) has the authority to reveal same as this remains with the Rabbas alone.

These statements from them are not true and would never be true to the subject of practical kabbalah magick, as they are only being unfair to this knowledge. They rather are the ones who are wrong and tread the wrong path instead; they further intent to discredit the ones that decides to teach same as a way to confuse the minds of the unaware and unprepared public out there. This subject of practical kabbalah is the same that has being with Kabbalah from the very start of the world, from its date and time of inception, which is as old as when, the world began. In then times, Kabbalah was kept in secret to the Rabbas alone not even the Rabbi has little or much knowledge of the practical kabbalah magick, these were instead kept in absolute secrecy not to say more about the ordinary man that visits the synagogue for their daily prayers, should be taught anything of this subject.

This secret of practical kabbalah is supposedly taught orally to the elected few (Moses, Patriarchs and then the Rabbas etc) as it is passed on from one ear to the as time progresses after it being revealed on Mount Sinai when the Israelites where lead out from captivity from Egypt, it was then or otherwise called, the unwritten kabbalah. These facts have contributed to why many people claim kabbalah is a secret society where atrocities of all kinds are perpetrated, since it was and has being kept in outermost secrecy. Some claim that kabbalah uses the blood of virgins’ girls to inscribe the secret words for efficacy and their magick or make their bread of Passover feast, how absurd are these claims they have little or no knowledge of the facts about kabbalah as a subject.

It is true that from the very start G-d blessed be he, instructed that the kabbalah be kept secretive from the layman and the masses because of the contents of the powers harnessed in it, and it could be dangerous when taught to the wrong people. This revelation was giving by the Ancient of the Ancient one, blessed be he as Arcanum Arnacanorum (mystery of all mysteries) to Moses, be kept away from the eyes and ears of the profane but only to be taught to the patriarchs like Aaron, Joshua etc and then to the leaders of the people of Israel. But that was in the then times and not today anymore. In our today world, G-d blessed be he, demand that the world should turn to him and not turn away, the world should know and return to him to be of use to ourselves and acknowledge the presence of the Angels of light, to heal all kinds of diseases etc. The highest one blessed be he, has seen how these powers were monopolized by the so called power brokers. We all know that, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” in the governance of a nation.

The Rabbas and Rabbis has enjoyed the power of supremacy on their people for that long but today the clamour for that same force of power caused why very few of us have the privileged of the secret to this practical kabbalah magick and we have being able to help the world and cure divers diseases thereby. Why then are we being challenged of revealing the secret and source to the world through means of global village (the internet) and correspondence courses? Jesus the Christ, was accused in the Bible this same Jews, the pherasses and saducces why he was curing a man on the Sabbath day, he answered and ask which is better, to heal a man and make him be whole, thereby fulfilling the works of G-d blessed be he, or to leave him and allow him to remain in pains and die? The same as we are doing to teach this knowledge to cure the world of many of the vices in it today or to allow the world plunge more into derision? The intentions of these writers and commentators is to try and disdain us claiming we are not worthy to reveal such and it is false what we teach, may they be judged by him that has the glory and liveth forever, blessed be he!

After all they have fall short of what was expected of them by the supreme one blessed be he, why, one may ask? What the most high, blessed be he demanded from them they failed to deliver; the salvation of mankind to teach and show the light to light the lives of men (humanity).

If these people who are of the opinion that practical kabbalah should be left with the very few and the few alone should delve into proper studying their Torah or the holy Bible, it is stated there in clear black and white that; when the Israelites fall short of the Glory of G-d blessed be he, when they turn away from the worship of him, this right would be transferred to the Gentiles which is other nations outside Israel.

The Rabbas and Rabbis should not complain that such secret are in the hands of none Jews? It is a right of the world not to some very few alone. We are happy to reveal same to all and the world at large those who are willing and able to learn to communicate to the supreme one blessed be he.



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 I am concerned with how man can gain the true and perfect communication with the Angels of light through the use of the holy names of Hashem, blessed be he!!!


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Ignorance definitely enslaves the Mind of the innocent: Man Know thyself!

I would like to address the issue of the word Magickal so referred to here on my website and in many of my writings else where. Do take your time and patience and enjoy your visit to my website, and remain blessed while you are doing that. Blessed be G-d the Holy Hashem forever Amen.

Magick as noticed by the reader in most of my writing is always depicted from the normal magic , as its ending with a “K” this therefore points at expressing the word “Kabbalah”  as a force in all that I do. We know the fact that whatever is supernatural is magickal as it is mostly out of the ordinary. I therefore do not wish to provoke the thoughts of my readers here and visitors whose fate and religion in one way or the other is against such arts of magic the sleight of hand and trickery and mockery of which is nothing to do with my website. I am not in anyway affiliated to such persons or group of persons. The word Magick here always refers to the supernatural. I mean anything that happens or that appears suddenly and inexplicable to the normal senses and therefore Magickal in nature, it is the Holy rite of practical spiritual kabbalah practices, which causes supernatural phenomenon to occur through the use of the Holy will of Hashem blessed be he, and the application of his Holy names. It has nothing to do with magic of the sleight of hands such that are performed on the stage to entertain the masses like many entertainers do. Please readers take note

This is where Kabbalah magick plays its role of exposing the need for humanity to be aware of magick in their everyday lives. When we use the word magick, we are not referring to stage magic as many people are aware of already as a thing to excite and amuse the mind, but I rather refer to a thing of wondrous phenomenon such that the human mind and senses could not imagine possible; like effecting cures that science differs, moving objects without making any physical contact with them, causing the clapping of thunder where is not expected creating love where discord was expected and on and on. Magick is an alteration of the will and senses of the common man. Man lives here in a world of illusion where he thinks that all he sees and feels are real but are rather illusions created from his make believe of how he was made to know things from the perspective of the society he lives in. My main interested is to bridge the gap and to tie the loose ends of this confusion in magickal practices. I have over the years tried treating topics that relates to magick in its true path as already known by many as black and white magick. I tried teaching absolute Spiritual Practical Kabbalah and Wicca even Paganism and Osho otherwise called Juju Magick with great successes and achievement. I have also succeeded to comparing and compromising these two paths of magick as one and the same but a thing of the mind of its operator the theurgist. The whole is one in one all is one and the same as collectively one system only with different approach by practitioners as I already stated above.

If you are a Wicca, Pagan, Kabbalist or a layman and are in need of assistance spiritually or in private matters in general, or wants to improve your talent or so on, if you need psychological help, please feel free to write in to me, I will definitely answer you as this could be of immense help to you instead of remaining in deep silence. Please all are free to consult me for any Spiritual Messages, visions and help directly from the Angels of Light.


When we mention the word healing, it strikes and sends a strong message of positive and creativity to the mind of the reader and listener, but when we mention the word cure, it spills out depressive feelings within the minds of anyone who is sick. Thoughts of if I will actually be cured arises in the mind of the sick person. Sickness could be divided to different categories and it is not only to do with when one is physically sick. Our businesses also could be sick or even marriages, love affairs sickness in the mind when a woman is childless or when a man desperately needs a child from his wife and he has a low sperm count and not able to reproduce. Therefore are there many categories where sickness could be related. When one is sick and needs healing first, must we in our hearts identify why and the reason of needing this freedom. Then we must set our hearts and minds towards the fact that we are really willing and ready to become healed and be set free from this boredom that fastens us down. Healing is a right that every living thing especially human being deserve to receive without any exception. Sickness is a warning that sends a message to the sufferer that something is wrong and immediately needs correction. This might be with his general dealing either in business or work wise, or his environment such as with his neighbours, friends and family what ever the situation that confronts the sick, they still deserve to be set free.

I have read and heard some healers claim sicknesses to come from when one is angry and when ones mind is not well disposed towards him or others. They are right to a point, but we must first know and realize the fact that sicknesses could come involuntarily as against the statements these healers make. Their words are though facts that lies in our subconscious mind, therefore materializes, in our everyday lives, the same as is stated in mathematics with topics; factorization and simple equation that “like attracts like”. I am therefore committed to the fact that when one is sick, and his mind is cleansed from that absurdity and pollution that he had concieved in his heart through wrong representation of themselves, and by way of knowing their right here on earth that they deserve to he healed. I then connect him to the creator the holy HaShem blessed be he and the Angels responsible for him and his well being as delegated by the benign influences, I effect perfect cures which are instantaneous and wondrous with the proper and effective words of power, a fact that has already being claimed by many. Do not hesitate to write and ask for your healing this moment, it could be with your ways of thoughts, that are mostly not in the right order and form, you deserve healing by his might and strength blessed be the Holy HaShem forever.

Do not allow ignorance to enslave you.

I see through time and space. I tell and give messages about people, places unknown to me no matter the distance apart. There are no times and space in the Spirit world who is the overseers to human affairs, every living being has a governing spirit or Angels and Archangels over them. This spirit I could connect and converse with to ignite all dead and stall relationship ranging from love affairs to business concerns.

My spiritual Angelic offer:

  • Solutions to your health and love problems
  • Immense spiritual practical Kabbalah experience

  • Spiritual assistance wherever help is required

  • Procurement, set-up and training in Spiritual Practical Kabbalah Magick courses

  • Angelic contacts and Perfect Dream interpretations etc.

  • Vision and perfect messages for any one from the Angels of light



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